CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – For the past 14 years Olympian Missy Franklin has focused on a key thought — “Touch the Wall.” Now that’s the title of a new documentary about Franklin’s journey to Olympic gold set for release at the end of the year.

Dick Franklin invited filmmakers to essentially join the family four years ago. The documentary provides a look at how Missy’s growing fame affected everyone.

“Whenever people come up to me, I kind of have to have that moment, ‘How do they know me?’ ” Missy told the film crew. “There’s some parts of my life that are completely and totally different, but some parts are the exactly the same since the day I’ve been born.”

But as the documentary details, life certainly is not exactly the same for the Franklin family. Her mother, D.A. Franklin, who was a doctor, became her manager while Dad essentially turned into a Sherpa, making sure Missy had everything she needed for every trip.

The film also includes Missy’s coach and fellow Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce. Joyce decided to move to Colorado specifically to train with Missy.

“I actually remember the first time we were talking about it,” Missy told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi. “My mom brought it up, ‘Missy you know there’s this Olympian who’s thinking about coming out here and training with Todd and you.’ I was like, ‘No way!’ ”

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Joyce said it was all about getting the right mindset, an Olympic mindset.

“When I moved here about two years and I told people I was coming to Denver, Colorado to train with Missy Franklin, the 15-year-old phenom. Everyone was like ‘Who?’ Joyce told Lombardi. “’You’ll know, you’ll know soon.’ ”

The pair bonded with Missy calling Joyce her “mom-slash-big sister-slash-friend.”

Missing Franklin as seen in the documentary "Touch the Wall" (credit: CBS)

Missing Franklin as seen in the documentary “Touch the Wall” (credit: CBS)

Joyce said the documentary is about more than just Missy’s personal relationships.

“I think it’s going to be great for Denver and the state of Colorado,” Joyce said. “It’s a film about this community and what this community did to bring that girl.”

Missy said the great thing about the movie is how it touches so many levels.

“It just shows our story from so many different angles. I think that’s one of the coolest perspectives about it. You can watch it as a parent, you can watch as a coach, you can watch it as an athlete,” said Missy. “You can always learn from it.”

But learning and documenting is not where “Touch the Wall” touches Missy the most.

“Honestly, I think it just shows us having a blast at what we love.”

LINK: Missy Franklin – “Touch The Wall”


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