DENVER (CBS4) – A school is rallying around an East High School student after a hit-and-run driver nearly killed her.

A student worked with Bonfils Blood Center to organize an on-campus blood drive, but it was the sentiment behind the drive that means the most to the family of Deyondrah “Dee” Bridgeman.

In a quiet dance studio in the back of East High School, students and faculty were quietly trying to help Dee. Many were at school the day a hit-and-run driver ran a red light and nearly killed their fellow student.

“It’s again that drive to help Deyondrah and help contribute to her success and getting better and coming back and joining us,” student Daniel Hartman-Strawn said.

Dee is still in the hospital, trying to relearn the most basic skills like walking and talking.

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Dee’s mother, Eriana McLaughlin, says doctors haven’t told her much about Dee’s future.

“I don’t think that they want to with brain injury patients. They don’t really like to say too much because everyone is different. So, they don’t know,” McLaughlin said.

What her friends and her teachers do know is that they are there to help Dee for however long she needs it.

Dee Bridgeman's Recovery At Children's Hospital (Photos by CBS4 photographer Bill Masure)

“It’s just another example of the East community kind of coming together around one of their own,” teacher Jeff Lacy said.

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That means a lot to a mother who is painfully aware of Dee’s slow progress.

“The whole thing has been hard and it’s stressful and very overwhelming,” McLaughlin said.

Students have signed posters for Dee. One says “I miss you in anatomy class, hope you’ll be out soon laughing and playing with us.”

A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo. Donations can be made for Deyondrah Bridgeman at local branches. The family has health insurance but the long-term costs are far exceeding the coverage.

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