DENVER (CBS4)– The construction business in Colorado is booming and construction isn’t hard to find.

Apartment buildings are the big business this summer. The situation is so good that workers are coming in from out of state to get jobs.

“I was surprised at the amount of jobs available here,” said construction worker Dwayne Douglas. “Excellent pay.”

Douglas was out of work in Ohio and recently moved to the Denver metro area for a job.

Construction companies are rebuilding their staffs for what they’re expecting will be a busy season.

“We’ve got some work, it’s not just in town but up in Wyoming and down into Colorado and even into Montana right now,” said GH Phipps Construction spokesman Gary Constant.

Phelps Construction had laid off employees in recent years but the company’s numbers are bigger now than they were before the recession.

“I’ve been out of work for eight months. I’m really glad to be back, I need to pay bills,’ said one construction worker.

Turner Construction reports its business is four times what it was in 2011.

Some in the construction industry are worried about a labor shortage this summer.

“The challenge we have is that this thing has lasted so long that workers left the industry. And they kind of got burned and they don’t really want to come back like they used to,” said Constant.

One drawback to the construction industry is those jobs typically don’t come with benefits.


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