(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – The drivers of two different vehicles both walked away from a crash on the Boulder Turnpike early Thursday morning involving icy roads and what police say was a case of careless driving.

The highway iced over overnight as temperatures dropped following Wednesday’s snowstorm. That led to multiple crashes across the Denver metro area.

In the Highway 36 crash, which happened near where the Boulder Turnpike merges with Interstate 25, Jennifer McGilchrist was driving down the highway and lost control.

“I kind of hit a slippery spot and started fishtailing and — the guy on my right — I hit his car. I hit the wall and we both sort of started spinning out. And then he followed and he flipped,” McGilchrist told CBS4.

“Once everything stopped it was my initial reaction just ‘How do I get out? What’s the quickest way out?’ ” said Jeff Hulse, the driver of the truck that flipped. “So I came out the window and got out as fast as I could and then tried to assess the situation and go from there.”

McGilchrist was cited for careless driving after the crash, which closed multiple lanes of the highway for several hours.

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