BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– People who live in Boulder won’t be subject to watering restrictions thanks to recent snowstorms.

The City of Boulder will not impose watering restrictions on its customers for the spring and summer.

Recent storms boosted the snowpack from approximately 70 percent of average to 100 percent of average in April.

“We made up a lot of ground in the last several weeks,” said Director of Public Works for Utilities Jeff Arthur. “Last year, we hit our peak snowpack early in March and snowpack melt and runoff began before we made our final measurements. This year, we had a great end to April and we couldn’t be happier about the recent snow. While it’s not our only factor in determining whether to impose water restrictions, it is a big factor.”

While water restrictions won’t be imposed the city will continue to emphasize efficient water use through its Water Conservation Program.

They will also continue to monitor water usage and conditions. They may alter the current plan according to how the season develops.


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