BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4)– An inmate is free after being released from jail early. But it’s all a mistake and now authorities are looking for him.

There is an arrest warrant for Juan Flores after he was inadvertently let go nearly two weeks ago. The sheriff’s office admits they allowed Flores to walk right out the door by accident.

Deputies with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office are searching for Flores, 56. They are checking addresses on file for Flores and speaking with those who might know him.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office also is working to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr said in a statement, “We don’t always get it right. We make occasional errors. When we do we have the responsibility to own it, tell the truth and do the best to fix it. That’s exactly what we’re attempting to do in this case.”

Here’s what happened. Flores was booked into the facility in late Dec. 2012. He was being held on misdemeanor traffic and other charges all of which were dropped except for a parole hold that a deputy was unaware of.

“He is an individual that is eluding apprehension and at that point he should be considered dangerous,” said Colorado Department of Corrections spokesman Alison Morgan.

Flores’ criminal history includes DUI, assault with a deadly weapon and other misdemeanor charges.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said that they have no indication that Flores is carrying a weapon but that anyone who sees him should not approach him and call police.


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