GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Many school districts along the Front Range shut down before the storm even started. With forecasts of up to a foot of snow, administrators said they were concerned about the children’s safety. So Tuesday, parents scrambled to make other plans.

Some mothers and fathers stayed home with the children, while others ventured out.

CBS4’s Kathy Walsh took a trip to Jumpstreet in Greenwood Village where kids spent the day jumping for joy. For many it was the first snow day this school year. But parents had different ways of managing work and an unplanned day with the kids.

Deb Botton works from home. It’s the perfect set up, but it can be challenging when school closes for snow. Walsh asked her if she could actually get any work done when the kids are home.

“I do, I do in short bursts, we’ll get stuff done,” Botton replied.

The kids are instructed to catch up on class work. Ten-year-old Becca finished a book report and 6-year-old Mallory practiced numbers. Mom made one demand.

“No talking while she’s on the phone,” Becca said.

Botton is organized and planned ahead — the earlier notice of a snow day the better. She often turns to neighbors for help, but this time things fell right into place because the after-school sitter was able to come early.

“I scored. Totally lucky she came over early so I can actually focus,” she said.

A few miles away, kids were happy to trade mathematics for acrobatics. Jumpstreet was hopping for a Tuesday. Those parents opted to wear their kids out. Darla Bowen drove up from Monument.

“Actually we went 70 miles an hour, it’s not a blizzard out there,” Bowen said.

But it was a mad house at Jumpstreet. Still, Bowen was able to do her job.

“I can actually type my reports here and she can have fun and get her energy out,” Bowen said.

The kids played dodgeball while dad read a book. Not a bad way to take an April Tuesday by storm.

It’ll be back to class on Wednesday.


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