WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Wheat Ridge aren’t giving up hope in their search for Leann “Annie” Meyer. The 51-year-old woman hasn’t been heard from since February. Now the reward for information in the case is up to $20,000.

Meyer’s home is located at 47th and Newland where she lived with a roommate, Melissa Miller, who still isn’t talking to police. Meyer’s family is still disappointed she’s not talking to police. Miller has moved now out of the house they shared.

On Saturday night friends and family held a vigil for Meyer.

“We need your help, Lord, to give us that clue, to give us that information we need. We need closure for our family,” brother Mark Meyer said.

The last confirmed contact with Meyer was early in February through a phone conversation with her mother from Minnesota. As the weeks have gone by, Mark Meyer fears the worst.

“I need to see the body, I need to know where it is, I need closure for my family,” he said.

Mark Meyer continues to plead with the public for the slightest piece of information that would help police find his sister.

An image from the vigil (credit: CBS)

An image from the vigil (credit: CBS)

“I wouldn’t say they (tips) were necessarily drying up; we haven’t had any tip that has taken us in a particular direction,” Lt. Dave Pickett with Wheat Ridge police said.

Police have turned over potential evidence for examination to three different crime labs. Annie’s two cars found in Wheat Ridge soon after her disappearance have been processed by police, along with her computer.

“I can tell you personally some days I’m more optimistic than others … this is going to be clearly a long investigation and we’re just going to stick with it,” Pickett said.


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