GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – It was an extremely emotional day in court on Monday at the sentencing of a teenager who accidentally shot and killed his younger brother.

About 15 family members were in court as Jordan Limas, 18, was sentenced for negligent homicide. As part of a plea deal made in January, the courts had two options — to sentence to probation or community corrections.

The family was extremely distraught when the judge ruled to send Jordan Limas to community corrections for three years and remanded him back to custody.

Prosecutors say Jordan Limas left a stolen handgun out in the open at their family home. When his younger brother, Andre Limas, tried to take it outside to show his friends, Jordan Limas tried to get it away from him and the gun fired. Andre Limas was shot.

Some family members were seen crying inconsolably after the judge made the decision. The family had the option of testifying on Jordan Limas’ behalf. His father, mother, brother and grandmother made statements to the court all urging the judge not to punish Limas to more jail time, saying he has suffered enough.

Limas family members get emotional after the judge's decision (credit: CBS)

Limas family members get emotional after the judge’s decision (credit: CBS)

“He’s going to be punished for this for the rest if his life,” father David Limas said. “We don’t know why this is still going on.”

“Best way to move on is if we have our family together. He’s not guilty of anything. If I knew different, I wouldn’t be by his side,” mother Lisa Salinas said.

Andre Limas (credit: Facebook)

Andre Limas (credit: Facebook)

After the testimony the judge said that the court didn’t consider it an accident, but rather a negligent act, which lead to the death of Andre Limas.

Community corrections is a facility where Jordan Limas will be for the next three years. He will be locked up at night, and during the day has to either be looking for a job or working. If he violates that, he could face more jail time.


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