DENVER (CBS4)– Two attempted break-ins at a business complex in two days are caught on tape; one of the suspects was arrested.

It was just after 3 a.m. Thursday when the first suspect hit. The suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he tried to break into Len Larson Jewelry Company in the complex near Hampden and Monaco.

“A gentleman was outside throwing rocks at the window, was not able to shatter the window and took off running,” said jewelry store employee Zach Larson.

The surveillance video shows the suspect using a rock to try to break the window with no luck. The suspect was then seen running from the building a short time later before police arrived.

“The glass is double paned glass. It’s thicker with a film inside. Possibly that stopped him from breaking it. The thickness of the glass,” said Larson.

Next door the next day a suspect was able to break in to the next door shoe repair shop.

“Possibly going into their store to try to get into our store,” said Larson.

Surveillance video shows the suspect throwing several rocks at the door before going inside.

Police in Denver were able to catch up to that suspect at the scene. Police have identified the break-in suspect as Eusebio Hinjoso, 25.

Police are not releasing his picture until they can confirm he’s not responsible for any other recent break-ins.

Police said it is unclear if the same person is responsible for both incidents. That’s unnerving to the businesses targeted.

“It’s really not a great feeling. We were hoping it would be the same guy,” said Larson.


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