DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Police Chief Robert White has announced new boundaries for his department’s six districts.

The boundaries increase the size of five out of six districts and increases the size of precincts within the districts, a move White says is aimed at increasing department efficiency.

CBS4 has obtained a letter and maps sent to all DPD employees March 21 announcing the change.

“I am now taking this opportunity to give you the information before its released to the public,” wrote White.

“These boundaries were created to make more efficient patrol operations possible. They were also designed with future staffing increases in mind; as patrol staffing increases with new hires, we can easily place them into precincts and have metrics in place to determine the growth rate of each precinct.”

White wrote that his new plan is part of an overall effort to increase accountability of patrol officers.

“It is not efficient to dispatch you across large geographical areas for non-emergent calls. And it doesn’t serve the public either,” wrote White.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Chief White’s Letter, Map of DPD 6 Districts, Map of Police Precincts
– Written by Brian Maass for


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