DENVER (CBS4) – Following a natural gas explosion that burned a home in Grand Junction and injured three people, Xcel Energy has once again released tips to the public on how to detect a leak.

Xcel says now is the time of year people get in their yards and dig and there could be buried gas lines. Even though natural gas can be lethal, when it is properly used and maintained, it is reliable and safe. But when you see or smell something, it’s imperative that you say something. Don’t second-guess your instincts.

“First and foremost is get away from where it is. I think that the moment you smell something that’s not normal, a normal smell, immediately get away from it,” said Xcel spokesperson Gabriel Romero.

Natural gas has an additive that makes it smell like rotten eggs. A gas leak may sound like a hissing or blowing noise. The leak may also cause dust or debris to fly.

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When you detect such an odor, get everyone out of the house or apartment. Do not turn anything on or off, such as like lights. Avoid using electric appliances like garage door openers or the telephone, including a cellphone. And move a safe difference away from the house and then call.

With Wednesday being the first day of spring and many itching to do yard work, Xcel urges people to call before you dig and have a locator come out to show where not to dig.


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