STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Two people have been arrested after the body of a woman was found in Steamboat Springs.

Gillian “Jill” Gentile’s body was discovered in a hotel room by a housekeeper on Friday.

Sam Wisecup and his girlfriend, Kendra Parker, were arrested in Amarillo, Texas. They’re facing charges for stealing Gentile’s car. Steamboat police aren’t saying much more about how Gentile died.

“It’s pretty tough to just have her be gone. I mean someone who’s been your best friend for 20 years … and then have them be gone is awful,” said Nicole McGrath, Gentile’s best friend.

McGrath was the reason Gentile moved out to the small town of Yampa just a few months ago from the East Coast.

“Unfortunately she only got six months here and there was so much to do and we had a lot of plans for her to experience a lot more,” McGrath said.

Gentile had started to meet many locals. Then the rumors started to spread around Yampa of Gentile’s death Friday afternoon.

“As I was calling the police, they were actually calling here on the other line, and so I hung up and answered that line and they started asking some questions if she worked here.”

Steamboat police didn’t tell McGrath what happened at the hotel.

“’Just please tell me she’s alive.’ And I don’t think he wanted to tell me over the phone, but he said, ‘Unfortunately, no, she’s not.’ And I just burst out in tears and didn’t think it was real,” McGrath said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Steamboat police are calling Wisecup and Parker persons of interest. McGrath says she hopes they stay in jail for a long, long time.

“My best friend in the whole world and she’s definitely going to be missed,” McGrath said.

Wisecup and Parker are expected to be extradited back to Colorado in the coming days, likely around the same time Gentile’s family will be going to Steamboat to take care of her arrangements.


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