DENVER (CBS4)– As more adults opt to get braces to straighten their smiles, a new technique has orthodontia patients smiling in Denver.

Dr. Robert Rudman said the vibration technique can reduce the time spent in braces by nearly half in some patients.

“I am young and single so having braces wasn’t the best thing,” said Rudman’s patient Fred Churbuck. “My front teeth did not overlap by bottom teeth.”

Churbuck said the condition made chewing more difficult.

“I was diagnosed 18 months in braces. Thanks to this device I was in and out of braces in nine months,” said Churbuck.

The device is called AcceleDent. It’s a fitted mouth piece that gently vibrates the jaw bone.

“This little motor sends micro pulses through the mouth piece the patient bites on,” said Rudman.

Vibration technology has been used on skiers with bad orthopedic breaks to help leg bones heal faster.

Using that same technology to move mouths is brand new to the U.S. It received FDA approval in 2012.

The device must be worn 20 minutes each day. It’s likely to reduce the time in braces by 30 to 40 percent.

“If you want to get done and get your smile fast this is the way to go,” said Rudman.

The vibration technology is also being used on younger patients as well. Not all insurance plans cover the new technology.

Patients compare the procedure to using an electric toothbrush and said it is not uncomfortable or painful.


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