DENVER (CBS4)– Amendment 64 legalized recreational marijuana use in Colorado but the law is still fuzzy on what is allowed and what isn’t. Police say trading pot for cash is illegal.

The only place to buy and sell marijuana in Colorado is at a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Some sellers are turning to Craigslist to find customers and now authorities are tracking these exchanges.

“Donate to Charity and Receive a Free MJ Gift” reads the heading on one Craigslist advertisement. That placement got Andrew Walton arrested.

Walton, 22, is from Littleton. He was nabbed by a Douglas County crime unit this week after they spotted his advertised offer, “$30 for a free 1/8 an ounce, $60 for 1/4.”

The undercover officers arranged a meeting for a delivery.

“At that meeting is when an exchange took place for money as well as marijuana,” said Douglas County Sheriff Sgt. Ron Hanavan.

Pot delivery ads are abundant on Craigslist. They capitalize on the enthusiasm and confusion over Amendment 64.

Authorities agree that it is an easy way to advertise. The also agree it is illegal.

“It’s important for people to understand what the law is and that you don’t have the ability just to say the word “donation” and to believe that you can turn around and sell something,” said Hanavan.

When CBS4’s Brooke Rogers approached Walton’s home, he declined to comment.

When asked if he wanted to talk about what happened he replied, “I don’t have anything to say.”

Authorities said his arrest should serve as a warning.

“Bottom line: it’s illegal. It’s illegal to sell marijuana and in this scenario it was sold and that’s why we took action,” said Hanavan.

Walton allegedly had three and a half ounces of marijuana when he was arrested. He has been charged with a felony which can carry significant jail time if he’s convicted.

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