KEENESBURG, Colo. (CBS4) – Wednesday was a day for digging out in Keenesburg in Northeastern Colorado.

After blowing snow late on Tuesday created giant snowdrifts in many parts of the rural town, residents are now dealing with a lot of excess snow.

Not that they’re complaining, though. There are many in the community who are farmers, and everyone tied to the agriculture industry knows the Eastern Plains are way behind on precipitation.

“It’s a big farming community around here, so I don’t hear too many people complaining about that at this point,” said Tony Zimbleman with Keenesburg’s public works department.

The conditions were dangerous Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, with 18 different accidents involving vehicles in a 15 hour period. That included five jacknifed semis on nearby Interstate 76.

“I imagine they were 30 mph gusts, and it was just nonstop,” Zimbleman said.

Many people who were traveling through opted to stay in the small town instead of try to brave the conditions on the interstate. The only motel in town filled up to capacity and had to turn away customers.

Many slept at the local firehouse until roads improved.

The impassable roads also meant classes were canceled for all the students in the town on Wednesday. It was the second time classes were called off this week due to snow conditions.


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