SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The traffic on Interstate 70 is always really heavy on Sunday when skiers and snowboarders return from the mountains, and this Sunday the snowstorm made it even worse.

The traffic got so bad that delays reached more than 90 minutes.

The Colorado Department of Transportation tried out its new continuous metering on Sunday, but many drivers had mixed reviews on the traffic.

With the storm hitting the high country on Saturday, resorts were packed as skiers and snowboarders sought the fresh snow.

“It was pretty good, there was four new inches and there was some powder, you had to find it, but it was pretty good,” snowboarder Jon McKenna said.

But it didn’t take long for the red taillights to come out. The normally 10 minute drive up to the Eisenhower Tunnel from Silverthorne took CBS4’s Jeff Todd more than an hour. Half way up to the Continental Divide a sign usually says it’s three minutes to the tunnel. On Sunday the sign read 30 minutes.

Todd found skier Marc Ross taking a break from the traffic.

“Coming from Vail, headed back to Englewood,” Ross said. “The powder day was so worth it. The last two days were amazing.”

Many other skiers-turned-drivers Todd talked to agreed.

“It was worth it, we’ll get there, it was worth it this morning for sure,” a skier said.

“My expectation is slow moving and good music. I think three hours is probably what it’s going to take to get home and I’ll be happy when I get there,” Ross said.


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