FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Trashing cardboard may become a thing of the past in Fort Collins as some residents want it to be recycled.

If the ordinance were to be passed, it would be the first of its kind in Colorado.

“We’re here trying to save the world one step at a time,” Jesse Valdez said.

Valdez and his coworkers are recycling all their cardboard from their Fort Collins business

“Twice every week, or once a week, maybe, it just depends,” Valdez said.

That is exactly what the backers of the proposed city ordinance want to see.

“It’s meant to improve our ability to direct cardboard into the recycling stream and out of the waste stream,” said Susie Gordon, environmental planner for Fort Collins.

The proposed ordinance would ban all residents and businesses from throwing cardboard into the trash.

“There’s a tremendous amount of cardboard. It’s not hard to see when you go out to the landfill,” Gordon said. “It’s not hard to see how much cardboard is being thrown away.”

Gordon said the ban wouldn’t really affect citizens as most of the city already has curbside recycling. They are focusing their attention on businesses who throw away excess cardboard on a regular basis.

“I think it’s unprecedented in Colorado, but i don’t think it’s a rash thing. I don’t think it’s meant to just be novel. I think it’s carefully thought through,” Gordon said.

Valdez and his coworkers back the proposal.

“If the city wants to do something about that, it would be great; help out everyone, let everyone know about it, and might make a little change,” Valdez said.


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