Before meeting my husband, I spent many years “single” on Valentine’s Day.

I tried not to get too caught up in it, but when the flowers started coming in to my co-workers at the office I admit I often felt a tug at my heart. Not so much for the gifts; but because I longed for a partner.

I’ve always felt I had a full life, but Valentine’s Day was always a reminder I wanted “more.” I wanted someone I could give my heart to, and share my life with.

I am so happy to have found that in my husband.

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day (credit: Karen Leigh)

That is now, but years ago, while in Minnesota I decided I could still celebrate Valentine’s Day even without a special someone in my life.

I could celebrate the day with my friends and family, and most importantly – myself.

This quote speaks to that.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. – Buddha

So today, single or not, I urge you to start the day loving yourself for the amazing person you are.

It’s something I encourage my daughter to do.

(And from the looks of her icing caked lips, she’s pretty happy with herself on this day.)

Elle's Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Elle’s Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (credit: Karen Leigh)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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