CALHAN, Colo. (CBS4) – A couple who lives on Colorado’s Eastern Plains said they were baffled this week when they saw something very large hovering in the air in the town of Calhan.

Linda Glidden told CBS4 partner KKTV that she used binoculars to get a better view, and that she and her husband agreed it looked like a blimp, only bigger.

“It was just something different in my world, in my lifetime (I’ve) never have seen anything like that so it was very interesting. I should’ve just drove in and just asked them what they were doing, but I didn’t want to be that snoopy,” Glidden said.

Glidden said when the object landed on the ground, near Judge Orr Road and Ramah Highway, it was surrounded by approximately 30 vehicles.

(credit: KKTV)

(credit: KKTV)

KKTV contacted military authorities to see if they had any knowledge of what the object was, and they said they didn’t know. Eventually the TV station got in touch with a Colorado company that sells the blimps. The company wasn’t identified in the report, but the owner said they develop the aircraft for government agencies and large corporations who need surveillance systems to cover and keep large areas secure.

The company official said the object will be launched a few more times in upcoming weeks as they continue to test it. That person also said the object currently doesn’t have surveillance capabilities.

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