DENVER (CBS4) – The United Nations is promising even more sanctions, and they could target financial institutions, after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb.

Even North Korea’s staunchest ally, China, voted to condemn the nation for the testing. The emergency vote came just hours after the bomb was detonated at an underground facility, setting off a jolt equivalent to a 4.9 magnitude earthquake.

The UN called it a clear threat. North Korea defended the test, calling it a matter of national security and a response to American interference in the region.

“CBS This Morning” posed a question about what North Korea was actually testing to University of Denver Dean Christopher Hill. Hill served as the ambassador to South Korea and headed the six nation talks on the North Korean nuclear issue.

“There’s concern that they could come up with a delivery system for their nuclear weapons, so there is reason to be concerned about this one,” Hill said. “If this is a uranium enrichment test, that means they’ve kind of lapped the Iranians on this and we will not have a good handle on how much of this material they have.”


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