DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado couple on their honeymoon is among the 3,000 passengers on a broken cruise ship being towed now to the coast of Alabama.

The head of Carnival Cruise Lines has apologized for the ordeal.

The Triumph is now being towed to Mobile, Ala., after it lost power when an engine caught fire over the weekend.

Passengers say conditions are terrible, with no air conditioning and toilets that are overflowing.

A couple from Lamar in southeastern Colorado is on the ship celebrating their honeymoon. Their daughter, Danica Fleshman, talked to CBS4.

“She said there for a while I don’t think there was much electricity and that she took a shower in cold, cold water,” Fleshman said. “The toilets are now working and I guess they waited three hours in line for food yesterday.”

Carnival now says most of the restrooms are working and water is up and running. The ship is due to arrive in Mobile hopefully on Thursday.


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