DENVER (CBS4) – There is now a push from some Colorado lawmakers to keep employers or potential employers from accessing social media accounts.

When people sign up for any social media page they have a very important decision to make on whether or not that page is public or private. State Democrats are introducing a bill this week to protect the decision to make a page completely private.

The bill would make it illegal for an employer or potential employer to require access to a private page. It gives an exemption for the law enforcement as part of the screening process. The bill’s sponsors say it keeps employers from going a step too far.

“At the point where an employer may ask an employee for their username or password, then it becomes very personal,” said Rep. Angela Williams, D-Denver.

Republicans at the Capitol are split on whether or not they’ll support the bill. Opponents say the bill hurts businesses who consider the checks as important as drug screenings.


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