DENVER (CBS4) – There are still a lot of questions about the future of the big blue horse at Denver International Airport.

On Monday the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs and City Art representatives will take on the debate.

The five-year contract has expired for the 32-foot tall piece of public art, which the public has a love-hate relationship with.

The tall horse on its hind legs with glowing red eyes was purchased for $600,000, but is now valued at nearly $2 million. That could be used as an argument to relocate the horse.

The horse was installed in February 2008.

“If there’s sustained public criticism and negativity around the piece then we would begin to entertain petitions to have the piece accessioned from our collection,” Arts and Venues Denver spokeswoman Ginger White said earlier this month. “For every person who has told me they don’t like it there’s somebody else who loves it and I think there are people who love to hate it.”

The sculptor Luis Jiménez died creating “Mustang,” but it was later completed and installed by his son.

It is unclear how much it would cost to remove the sculpture if the board votes to end its contract.


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