DENVER (CBS4) – A car crashed into a popular Denver restaurant with a lot of history Sunday afternoon.

The two-car crash happened at 38th and Tejon just before 4 p.m. One of cars crashed through the glass windows of the landmark Gaetano’s Italian restaurant.

According to the bar manager, the front table the car ran into happened to be empty. It was reserved for a large party at 7 p.m.

No one inside the restaurant was injured. The bar manager told CBS4 how he helped pull the driver out of his car.

“The gentleman in the red car had a split in his face really bad,” Gaetano’s bar manager Kyle West said. “The first thing that we could do is me and one of my employees kind of ripped apart the patio furniture to get into his car, and then he just kind of fell into my arms and I kind of held him, put gauze on his face. The ambulance got here really fast.”

The driver of the red car and the female driver of the van and a child inside were all taken to the hospital. Their conditions haven’t been released. Witnesses said their injuries looked minor.

Gaetano’s has a famous history of being owned by the Smaldones, renowned Denver mobsters. Upstairs from the restaurant was once an undercover gambling ring.


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