DENVER (CBS4)– A man from Buena Vista who lost his leg more than 60 years ago is moving into the future with a bionic leg.

Gil Green remembers the day after Christmas 1952 very well.

“I was behind my car loading my accordion in after orchestra practice for church and we were going to my house for popcorn,” said Green. “The next moment here’s this headlight right here, everything was just instantly.”

Green was 17 and his life changed forever.

“My leg was crushed between the two bumpers,” said Green.

For the last 60 years he’s depended on prostheses to get around. He said his artificial limbs have never slowed him down.

“I climb trees, I climb rocks, I bicycle, I motorcycle,” said Green.

He’s come a long way from that first wooden leg.

“English willow, hand carving; my first leg cost $225,” said Green.

A new, bionic leg mimics natural motion and according to Justin Pratt, a clinical specialist from the prosthetics company Össur, it will allow him to change his gait speed, navigate stairs and ramps. Green has been working out the kinks at the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk.

“I think I will be able to do everything except run but I wouldn’t rule it out yet,” said Green.

At 77, Green is still determined to do everything he wants to do.

“I’m one of the few, not the only one, one of the few that have a part of me already in heaven. I got my foot in the door up there,” said Green.

LINKS: The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk | Bulow Biotech prosthetics

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