DENVER (CBS4)– A man accused of groping a pregnant woman and not following crew instructions on a JetBlue flight has been sentenced to serve 172 days for interfering with a flight crew.

Marcus Covington was sentenced to time served and following his prison sentence he was ordered to spend two years on supervised release. While on supervised release the judge ordered that he not have any alcohol.

Covington, 33, was also ordered to pay JetBlue $4,170 in restitution for costs incurred in the unexpected landing in Denver.

Covington was first charged on Aug. 20, 2012 and indicted by a federal grand jury two days later. He pleaded guilty on Nov. 28, 2012 and was sentenced Thursday.

According to court documents Covington intimidated a flight crew member and a flight attendant on JetBlue Flight 677 carrying approximately 150 passengers. The flight was flying from JFK Int’l Airport in New York to LAX. Covington also groped a 27-year-old pregnant woman.

Because of Covington’s behavior, an FBI special agent who was traveling as a passenger on the flight, was asked by the flight crew to assist in dealing with Covington.

Following consultation with the FBI agent the captain of JetBlue decided to divert the flight to Denver International Airport.

The FBI agent and another passenger sat next to Covington to keep him under control while the plane made its unscheduled landing.

While seated, the agent noticed Covington taking a number of unidentifiable pills.

Upon the aircraft’s arrival at the gate, Covington was escorted off the plane in handcuffs.

While Denver Police Department officers were attempting to get Covington to sit in a chair, he kicked at, and spit on them while threatening to kill them.


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