BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A man accused of drugging a woman with insulin and then sexually assaulting her has been convicted of more than half the charges against him.

On Wednesday morning jurors found Frederick Allen guilty on sex assault and other charges. He will spend at least the next 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in March.

“I’m relieved and feel the defendant is being held accountable for what he did to the young lady in this case,” said Prosecutor Katharina Booth.

It was a split verdict with the jury finding Allen, 32, guilty on six counts and acquitting him on three counts.

Allen’s head hung lower with each guilty verdict read in the courtroom at the Boulder County Justice Center.

The victim’s family is thankful to put the trial behind them.

“I think they feel vindicated and justified, the right thing was done,” said Booth. “They’ve had a really long wait to get to this day.”

On Tuesday, the jury told the judge they had reached a verdict on three of the nine charges but was having trouble getting a unanimous decision on the sexual assault charges.

The judge gave the jury additional instructions and they resumed deliberations Wednesday morning.

Prosecutors claim the University of Colorado student was injected with insulin, a prescription that Allen had access to since he was a diabetic.

“It’s something that can be used and can be used quite effectively to incapacitate someone,” said Booth.

Allen’s attorney claimed the victim suffered from alcoholic hypoglycemia as a result of drinking too much on an empty stomach.

The assault happened in 2011 after Allen met his victim at the Sundown Saloon on the Pearl Street Mall.

They left the bar and went to the woman’s home where they had sex.

The victim’s roommate found her the next day naked and in a catatonic state. She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia. Doctors believe it was the result of an insulin shot.

“The use of insulin was a very effective tool for him in order to commit the sexual assault and we’re thankful it did not have deadly consequences for the survivor,” said Booth.

Allen said nothing in court, only mouthed the words ‘love you’ to his family inside the courtroom as he was taken away.


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