DENVER (CBS4) – On Monday, President Barack Obama’s inauguration for his second presidential term fell on the same day as Americans celebrate the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The marriage of events made it an emotional day for many.

“It’s a way of freedom; freedom for everyone,” said Marade-goer, Farrell Payne.

Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of Capitol Hill in Denver to celebrate the significance of the day.

PHOTO GALLERY: Denver Marade 2013

“To have the second term of the first African-American president on the same day as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day; it’s just so powerful,” Dawn Riley-Duval said.

The 28th annual Marade began at the “I Have a Dream” monument in Denver’s City Park at the same time President Barack Obama delivered his inaugural speech.

“It never seemed like I would live to see a day like this. Now to see it come true twice, it makes me more humble,” Matthew Ricks said.

The 3.1-mile march ushered the Marade through the city and came to an end at Civic Center Park where the crowd swelled to nearly 28,000.

“To me, it means everything. It means liberation, it means freedom, it means a man who stood for truth,” said Dorothy, one of the many event patrons.

“To see how important the legacy is of MLK, and we just have to continue his word, continue to fulfill his dream,” Riley-Duval added.

Marade coordinators told CBS4 it was the second largest turnout for the event — second only to the celebration after Obama’s first inauguration four years ago.


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