WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – A fire that broke out just before midnight Saturday destroyed a home in Westminster

The fire happened in the 1200 hundred block of West 132nd Place. Smoke and flames lit up the whole neighborhood as frightened neighbors watched in horror as firefighters tried to put it out.

CBS4 YouReporter Robert Sorensen took video of the fire. He and other neighbors were woken up by all the commotion outside.

“It was surreal. I couldn’t quite believe it was happening,” witness Nolan Biljoen said.

The front of the home was reduced to just ash. The flames were so intense the home next door was also damaged.

“I think everyone was just standing in shock just hoping that everyone was okay,” Biljoen said.

An image of the home (credit: Chris Lewis)

An image of the home (credit: Chris Lewis)

An image of the home (credit: Chris Lewis)

An image of the home (credit: Chris Lewis)

Westminster firefighters were busy the next day combing through the ash trying to determine what caused the fire. Nobody was home when it started, but that likely what made things worse.

“It’s still under investigation. We don’t have anything that points to anything suspicious,” Bob Hose with the Westminster Fire Department said. “Because there was nobody here, the delayed discovery is another reason we have such heavy damage.”

Firefighters aren’t sure if the home is a total loss.

A family friend told CBS4 the people who live in the home are staying in Denver temporarily. Most of their belongings inside have smoke and water damage.


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