ELBERT, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned a man from rural Colorado is one of the hostages who hid for three days in Algeria.

On Friday, Steven Wysocki of Elbert was flown in a U.S. military plane from Algeria 2,100 miles north to Germany where he is still being held. On Saturday, CBS4 spoke with friends and family in Elbert who are relieved their friend is still alive.

“They’re our neighbors and they’re good people,” said Sandy Ybarra, a friend and neighbor of the Wysocki family. “It’s hard. It’s one of your, you know, like family.”

Kristi Wysocki, co-owner of the Somewhere Farm in Elbert, declined an interview but neighbors say Kristi reached out to friends for help.

“We just got an email from Kristi saying he was over there before even the press knew about it and to pray,” said close family friend, Lee Sherman.

According to the website Dressage-News.com, Steven Wysocki sent his wife a text message during the ordeal saying, “”It’s a terror attack. I’m okay now. Will try to call you later.”

Steven Wysocki reportedly hid from the terrorists with other employees until they escaped on Friday. Since then, details about his condition have been scarce, leaving the tight-knit community with the one thing they could do to help — pray.

“When someone has trouble it really falls to the whole community to pray for that person,” said Debra Sherman.

”We got the note to pray we got a hold of our church we got everyone in our prayer chain praying and it worked out well,” added Sherman’s husband, Lee.

News of Steven Wysocki’s freedom leaves the community grateful their prayers have been answered.

“I’m grateful and glad he’s home,” Lee Sherman said.

“We are heartsick and saddened for the people who didn’t make it out.” Debra Sherman added.


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