DENVER (CBS4) – A mother and toddler are recovering one week after a crash in southeast Denver. Their car got caught up in a high-speed chase last Friday.

Jin Surber and her toddler had just left The Aquarium and were driving less than a mile from home. She had no idea there was even a police chase going on until she was caught in the middle of it and her car was wrapped around a pole.

It’s been a week of battling dizziness, insurance companies and fears for Jin Surber. She remembers seeing the flashing lights behind her.

“Suddenly the police car hit me from behind,” she said.

Her Honda spun and crashed into a light pole. The police car hit the other side. Her first thought was of her 18-month-old son Walter in his car seat.

“I was scared and I screamed and I looked for my son,” she said.

He was unscathed. She hit her head, and rescue crews had to cut them both out of the car.

“It’s pretty scary to get a call from the police department saying that your wife and kid are on their way to the hospital from an accident,” Jin’s husband Adam Surber said.

Only later did he learn they were caught in the crossfire of a police chase. The suspect was a man wanted out of Arapahoe County for multiple violent crimes.

“I believe it is really necessary to get some of these people, but the collateral damage to me now is very personal,” Adam said.

Jin is still feeling the effects of the crash, and little Walter has been watched closely this week. The Surbers are relieved but also a little frustrated.

“You still have moments of irritation with the police that she got hit,” Adam said.

A police spokesman said that it was an authorized vehicle pursuit and that the suspect did pose a clear danger and threat to the community.


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