COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4)– A daytime curfew Commerce City is being discussed as an option to help solve truancy and teen crime issues.

“They’re smoking marijuana in our hallways. They’re smoking marijuana in the hallways,” said Highland Legends Apartments and Townhomes property manager Tammie Pohl.

She catches groups of teens about five or six times a week on her property trespassing during school hours. And she said they’re not doing homework.

“We found two young kids having intercourse behind one of our buildings,” said Pohl.

The daytime curfew proposal was from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Students caught skipping school could face a fine up to $499.

“I don’t agree with the fine but the daytime curfew to keep kids in school, maybe,” said one Commerce City resident.

“It definitely would be effective in this community,” said another Commerce City resident.

Pohl said the response isn’t always friendly when she asks the kids to leave, “I’ve had kids try to spit on me, try to push me.”

Pohl said she was excited when she learned of the city-wide daytime curfew proposal presented to the Commerce City Board last month. The board is still considering whether to pursue the proposal.

“Some of the questions the council had were about enforcement. There’s also a lot of kids that are home schooled or are in alternative educational environments that probably do have good reasons to be out and about during daytime hours,” said Commerce City spokeswoman Michelle Halstead.

“If we all work together as a community, this problem we can get in control,” said Pohl.


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