LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– Help arrived just in time to save thousands of chickens after an organic farm in Larimer County went into bankruptcy.

Grant Family Farms is located in Wellington north of Fort Collins. The farm has been forced to euthanize or sell off thousands of chickens in what the farm’s owner calls a very difficult cost-cutting measure.

Some of the remaining chickens got a second chance on Friday after the organization “Hen Again” got involved.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

All of the chickens left on the Grant Family Farms property were put up for adoption to those who could provide a good home for the birds.

“It’s good we get to come adopt the chickens and they get to have another life,” said one woman who came to get chickens.

“Under the bankruptcy the money that normally feeds these hens has not been relinquished back to the farm in order to pay for the feed,” said Hen Again organizer Teresa Remond-Ott.

Redmond-Ott has worked closely with the Grant Farms owners for years. She said because there was no money to feed the chickens the owner of Grant Farms did what he thought was best, exterminate thousands of the birds.

“That’s when I begged him, please don’t, please don’t do anymore, the community loves you they will rally for you. Just don’t kill anymore, let me think,” said Redmond-Ott.

She took to Facebook and overnight had responses from people wanting to either donate feed or adopt some of the 2,000 left over chickens. She said she couldn’t be happier to see these chickens get a second lease on life.


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