DENVER (CBS4)– Imagine getting all your favorite magazines for just $9.99/month. One price gives you access to unlimited access.

The app is called “Next Issue” and it may rewrite the way consumers read magazines.

It allows readers to subscribe to 80 popular magazines for $9.99/month.

“It’s like having a newsstand in your own pocket,” said Next Issue spokesman Morgan Guenther.

Guenther said there are a lot of extras that come with the magazines on the app.

“I’m looking at Golf Digest this morning on how to fix my slice, which is a problem, and instead of just reading the article I see a video,” said Guenther.

Another benefit to the app, no wasted paper and no clutter from magazines piling up.

“Everything is changing and as a consumer I’m always looking for ways to save money,” said one magazine reader.

The price for the app does increase to $14 if you want to subscribe to weekly magazines like People.


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