DENVER (CBS4) – You might have done a double take when you saw a billboard in three different locations in the Denver area this week.

An image of one of the billboards. (credit: CBS)

An image of one of the billboards. (credit: CBS)

The message on the billboards reads “Police Roll Doobie” on three different lines, with red type on a bright yellow background.

Is it a statement from a renegade anti-police group? A fringe pro-marijuana group? Someone with a message about Colorado’s recent vote to legalize marijauana?

Nick Tabacchi, the sales manager for Mile High Outdoor Advertising, said he can’t reveal who is behind the mysterious billboard. He said it should all become clear on Thursday, though, when the advertiser’s full message replaces the current “teaser board.”

A better guess might be that this is some sort of billboard that promotes something related to the music industry. Perhaps the words are shortened versions of the names of some classic rock and roll bands? The Police? The Rolling Stones? The Doobie Brothers?


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