DENVER (CBS4) – Mother Nature is getting some help from snow guns at Ruby Hill Park.

During the extreme cold snap Denver is in the midst of there has been very little snowfall. But with the way snowmaking is going, Ruby Hill Rail Yard could be open by Friday.

Volunteers for Denver Parks and Recreation and Winter Park Resort started snowmaking at the nation’s only free urban rail yard last week.

In previous years the park has opened in January and has closed a month or two later. Last year was the second winter since the rail yard first opened that the hill didn’t open at all because of to warm temperatures.

Ruby Hill features “six to eight rails of varying configurations and levels of advancement.”

The park is located off of South Platte River Drive and West Florida Avenue and is open every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Lights will be on at the rail yard until 9 p.m. Free equipment rentals are available at the hill.


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