Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorSo you’re lying there searching the nightstand for a coin to flip.

Do I go to work or stay in bed? I mean, maybe that sore throat and a temperature equal to the surface of the sun isn’t all that bad.

These days it can be a tough call. After all, lots of folks don’t get sick days, or worry that a day missed equals getting replaced.

As for those of you in a quandary because you believe you’re indispensable — trust me — you’re not. The world will continue to rotate on its axis whether you go to work or not.

If you don’t believe that one, consider the fact that sick, half-speed workers cost a company more than one who doesn’t come in. Mainly because they crawl through a workday, and then infect the rest of the workplace.

So let’s talk to those who face a real dilemma about taking a day off.

There are a few absolutes that should make you a no-show.

– Fever (defined as 100.4 or higher)
– Chills
– Body aches
– Sore throat — as in its sore — with maybe some swollen glands thrown in on top. “Scratchy” doesn’t necessarily qualify.
– Sneeze Louise (as in your nose is so gross and runny, there’s not enough kleenex in the world to supply your needs)
– Productive cough- meaning not a mild dry or tickling cough
– Throwing up
– Diarrhea (I mean, seriously, do I need to even mention this one.)
– Skin rash
– Pink or yucky eyes

This is obviously a rough outline, so what do you do if you’re feeling off but don’t hit the “absolutes” on the nose?

I use a gauge of “Would I want be around me today?” Pretty common sensical.

If the answer is no, then it’s time to lie back down, get your rest, and give yourself permission to try to head in tomorrow (or the next day…)


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