DENVER (CBS4)– A dog is expected to be okay after firefighters rescued it from frigid waters Wednesday afternoon.

The dog’s owner said the animal ran from him and fell into the water at a lake in Green Valley Ranch.

Copter4 flew over the scene as the dog struggled to get back onto the frozen ice. Then it held on to the side of the ice as a firefighter worked his way to the edge to bring it to safety.

“They have the insulated suits, they have the ropes ready, everybody has got a special job that they’re doing so once they get on scene it’s automatic, they go and do their thing,” said Denver Fire Department spokesman Mark Watson.

The dog’s owner and young child were relieved to have the dog returned to them.

“The best thing that you can do is stay off the water, we’ve got one victim. Let’s just keep it down to one victim and let the fire department do their job.”

It was a week and a half ago that a man fell through the ice in the mountains of California. It was all caught on tape as the man’s friends tried to rescue him. One by one they also fell into the ice until 12 of them had to be rescued.

Firefighters say always stay off the ice. If a victim is on the edge of the water, someone can help by lying on the ground at the edge and reaching out to that person.

Firefighters also say be sure to anchor yourself first so you’re not pulled over into the water.

Or get a rope or tree branch to help pull that person out of the water.


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