DENVER (CBS4)– The task force assigned to tackle big issues in the aftermath of legalization of marijuana is focusing on some key points like how to keep pot from children and growing standards.

The task force will also consider consumer safety and social issues.

The public had a chance to address one subcommittee on Thursday.

“We keep our children in our sights the entire time as this legislation is implemented. I think there are many, many issues that we haven’t even anticipated that could affect children,” said mental health professional Suvi Miller.

The group will tackle pot packaging and labeling. One area of particular concern is edible marijuana.

“Having warnings and also identifying markers showing that it is a marijuana product would be helpful,” said task force member Christian Sederberg.

The task force will also consider the placement of advertising, especially near schools, growing and transportation standards and how to handle families who give children access or exposure to pot.

Task force members said both the alcohol and medical marijuana industries have addressed some of the issues on the agenda.

“If we don’t reinvent the wheel on a lot of this I think we can make great strides very quickly and we have to,” said Sederberg.

“I am concerned that moving forward that at least people are making these considerations around the kids’ interests, particularly because that is who I’m most concerned about,” said Miller.

Another Amendment 64 task force met on Thursday. That group will address the regulatory framework for the new industry.

The have until the end of February to come to a consensus and then they will send their recommendations to state lawmakers.


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