CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4)– During a hearing Wednesday for the man who allegedly opened fire inside an Aurora movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 58 others, there were supporters in court for the suspect.

Supporters for James Holmes included one woman who said she has tried to contact him while he is in custody.

“I have written to him. I am writing to him, other than that, I don’t expect anything back, honestly. Because he doesn’t know who we are. He doesn’t know who his supporters are. He doesn’t know who the people who hate him are, really. I don’t think he really knows what is going on,” said Holmes supporter Misty Benjamin.

She believes he has mental issues and needs support.

When asked why she came to Wednesday’s hearing, Benjamin replied, “For James Holmes. I know a lot of people hate him or are against him. I don’t have any ill will against him.”

His lawyers have claimed that Holmes suffers from mental illness. Insanity could become a possible defense.

Meantime, prosecutors and defense lawyers said they’re ready for a crucial hearing next week in which prosecutors will outline their case against Holmes.

Prosecutors will attempt to show there is enough evidence for the former neuroscience doctoral candidate to stand trial on each of 166 counts.

Holmes didn’t say anything during the half-hour hearing on Wednesday.

The next hearing starts Monday and is scheduled to run all week. At its conclusion, Sylvester will decide if the evidence is sufficient to put Holmes on trial.

Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 during a midnight showing of the Batman movie “The Dark Night Rises” on July 20.

Besides the courtroom there will be two overflow rooms that will provide feeds of the hearing. Family members of victims have been told in a letter from the Arapahoe County District Attorney that they may not be prepared for what is presented in court.

A sentence from the letter reads: “Carefully consider whether or not you think that you are ready to be exposed to potentially difficult information at the hearing.”

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