Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

Pete: Gary, do you think the Broncos will rest any of their players on their last game of the season?

Gary: Pete, I don’t think so. The Broncos need this game. They could finish with the top seed if the Texans lose, but they also have to win to guarantee that they get the second seed and that second bye in the playoffs. The Broncos are going to play this one as if it’s a playoff game. Then they will have plenty of time to rest if they win and have a week off before starting their playoff run.

Arn: Gary, I know everybody wants the Broncos to get a bye the first weekend of the playoffs, but I think they’re better off playing. Don’t want them to get rusty. What do you think?

Gary: Arn, I don’t buy that. I think a week off and the rest and the opportunity to heal is a great advantage. Now we all know teams have gone on to win the Super Bowl without getting a bye; fifth and sixth seeds like Pittsburgh and the Giants have accomplished that in recent years. But getting the bye and opening the playoffs against a tired opponent at home, now it’s not a guarantee, but I do believe it’s a major advantage in the playoffs.

Eddie: Gary, watching all the Tebow drama from New York is hilarious. Safe to say the Broncos are thrilled to be done with that circus?

Gary: Eddie, it’s safe to say. The Tebow theatrics have been the talk and the joke of the NFL. The reports are now that the Jets were shocked when they saw what a poor practice player Tim is. How’s that possible? That had been his reputation since high school. It has been a circus in New York and Tebow got caught in the middle of it. He’ll soon be an ex-Jet and I imagine he’ll get one last NFL chance in his hometown of Jacksonville next year. I can’t see any other team being interested.


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