CHAFFEE COUNTY, Co (CBS Denver) – Chaffee County deputies arrested four people, two juveniles and two adults, early Christmas morning.

Police needed to use tear gas to get them out of the cabin they had broken into two days earlier.

According to a press release, State Patrol Trooper Kris Galyean noticed a car parked off U.S. Highway 285.

Trooper Galyean learned that car had been reported stolen from Tucsan and was associated with a 16-year-old female runaway.

The troopers were able to follow snow prints that led to the cabin.

Police noticed four people inside the cabin and two firearms, which they believed to be shotguns.

William Tyler Cole, 19; and Sean Brannon Meadows, 18, were arrested and jailed on charges of burglary, theft, and later.

The two juveniles, a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old criminal mischief. Authorities may bring other charges male, were transported to a juvenile holding facility in Colorado Springs pending the filing of formal charges.


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