DENVER (CBS4) – He’s been lighting up the holidays for decades, but Herman Dinges says he’s now ready to pull the plug for good, and the celebration has a bit of a sour end.

On Saturday night someone broke into Dinges’ garage, stealing a television and a bucket full of donations meant for the kids at The Children’s Hospital.

“The first thing I noticed was that the Children’s Hospital money was gone,” Dinges said. “I was scared to death and it made me start crying.”

Many of the people CBS4 interviewed who came to see the lights at Dinges’ house said they were shocked to hear of the crime, but they said they want the memory of Dinges’ house to go on.

“There’s just a certain amount of happiness here that really shows the season and the two people who run it are incredible,” one visitor said.

Dinges house has become a Christmas time destination for many in the Denver metro area.

“It started out as one strand, then I went from there and all of the sudden, it really grew,” Dinges told CBS4.

Herman said one person donated $5,000 to Children’s in honor of his final year of the lights, and fortunately that check was not in the stolen bucket.

“Well I tell you, we love children, and people love it and it’s just puts a lot in your heart. The smiles you get,” Dinges said. “To see the little kids, their eyes get as big as saucers and they’re so happy.”

Dinges’ lights display will be up until the Jan. 1 at 68 South Zenobia Street, that’s one block west of Sheridan and Bayaud in Denver.

(credit: CBS)
(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)


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