DENVER (CBS4)– Some Coloradans aren’t just emailing and calling their representatives as the deadline for the looming fiscal cliff grows closer, on Thursday they broke out in song.

“We wish you a merry tax cut, we wish you a merry tax cut, we wish you a merry tax cut to protect our families,” crooned the carolers outside of the offices of Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, both Democrats who represent Colorado.

All they want for Christmas is one good budget deal.

Sean Hinga, otherwise known as Santa Claus, lead the choir.

“And Santa will be watching and making sure Senators Udall and Bennet stay on the nice list instead of naughty list this year,” said Santa.

“On the first day of Christmas congress gave to me, a tax cut for my family,” sang the carolers.

Although the song is catchy, the message is serious, put the middle class before millionaires.

“There are people like Jesus living on margins suffering, struggling and we know the right thing to do is make sure those people are protected,” said Sister Anna Coop.

The Christmas appeal didn’t stop there, three of the nation’s biggest unions launched a TV advertising blitz in six states including Colorado.

“What would happen if John Boehner gets his way on the budget?” asks one ad.

Hinga insists the message is a serious one, “They’re making decisions that will last for decades.”

Lawmakers are expected to return home for the holidays but there is discussion of returning to the U.S. Capitol the Thursday after Christmas to hammer out a compromise.


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