Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorAches, pains, fever, chills?

Feel like you were hit by a truck?

Welcome to the world of the flu. And according to the State Health gurus, cases have jumped.

And according to another favorite flu monitoring site: Google Flu Trends, Colorado is now showing “High” flu activity — up from “moderate” just a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s the link, which tracks suspected flu cases based on search requests.


Now, here’s something else that’s semi on-the-radar. I’ve heard of some folks who have had their flu shots, and still got semi-sick-as-dogs with classic flu symptoms. Did the shot not work?

Officially, this year’s flu vaccine matches up well with this year’s strains.

Unofficially, maybe it’s a simply flu-like bug that’s not really influenza going around. But we’ll keep an eye out for more reports and testing of illnesses.

One piece of good news to this point: whatever is out there is not hitting kids super hard. Sure, there are reports of children with influenza, but hospitalizations aren’t spiking, and there have been no pediatric deaths.

Maybe that’s because kids tend to do a better job at getting vaccinated compared to us grownups.

We’ll see where all of this goes. But I’d still get your flu shot.


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