Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

Danny: Gary, will the Broncos get the killer instinct and keep scoring points rather than getting conservative when they play games in the playoffs?

Gary: Danny, I’m sure that’s the plan … we all know John Fox by nature is a conservative coach. We also know the final decision on what play to call rests with Peyton Manning. I don’t think we have to worry about the Broncos going conservative when the playoffs roll around.

Preston: Gary, what are the odds now of Denver being the first or second seed in the playoffs?

Gary: Preston, I’d say the Broncos have about a 15 percent chance of getting one of the two top seeds.

Kirk: Gary, what do you think about the talk of doing away with kickoffs?

Gary: Kirk, I certainly understand the motivation for getting rid of kickoffs. Of course, with kickoffs moved up, most kickoffs wind up as touchbacks anyway. The bottom line is that it’s a violent game, and while you can take measures to limit the violence and hopefully the injuries, totally eliminating that aspect of the game is just about impossible. I say keep the kickoff. It’s potentially one of the most exciting plays in a game, but of course I don’t have to run downfield full speed and try to tackle a guy.


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