AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Aurora have a special DUI task force that specifically targets drunk drivers.

Although the team has only been on patrol for eight months, they’ve already taken hundreds of drunk drivers off the road.

The Aurora Police Department saw the need for a dedicated DUI team after 14 alcohol or drug-related driving deaths in the city within one year.

“Pretty much every night is a busy night,” said Aurora Police Officer and DUI team member Rolando Gomez.

Aurora Police DUI Team Officer Rolando Gomez interviews a suspected drunk driver. (credit: CBS)

Aurora Police DUI Team Officer Rolando Gomez interviews a suspected drunk driver. (credit: CBS)

Although there are only three officers that make up the DUI team, they have made nearly 800 DUI arrests in just the eight months since the team was assembled.

“Since this team has come into effect there have been zero alcohol-related fatal accidents here in the city,” said Aurora Police Officer Craig Baumfalk.

Gomez works from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. when drunk or drugged drivers are likely to be out on the streets.

They look for signs of impaired driving and are called to assist other officers who have spotted suspicious circumstances.

“Extreme wide left turns, extreme wide right turns, constant braking for no apparent reason, running red lights,” said Gomez. “I just got a call from another officer that is requiring my assistance and that’s where we’re headed to right now.”

Officers conduct a series of tests to determine whether the driver has had a little too much.

“The results are based on what we’ve observed on the roadside itself. The eyes, the walk and turn and one leg stand,” said Gomez.

“Everybody has been working together and ultimately we’re just trying to save lives out there and prevent the accident from happening.”

“We can never measure how many lives have been saved,” said Baumfalk.


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