AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A grateful mother talked with CBS4 about her fears when she and her little girl got trapped under a car.

Kapinga Muanza and her three children were walking home last Monday night from a day care at Abilene and Exposition in Aurora when they were hit by the car. Muanza and her 2-year-old daughter ended up pinned under the car and she wasn’t certain she’d survive.

Muanza is now out of intensive care at the Aurora Medical Center.

“Everything hurts, but I know that God is going to get me out of here,” she said.

Muanza has eight broken ribs and a damaged liver, but the native African talked more about surviving and what her children remember about the accident.

“They just remind me, ‘The guy hit you. The guy is not your best friend, mommy,’ ” Muanza said. “There was one car coming, I thought he saw us.”

But the car hit her  and her 2-year-old, Angie. She was able to push her twins out of the way.

When asked what she was thinking as she was pinned under the car Muanza responded, “I was just praying, ‘God help me with my kids.’ ”

An off-duty officer and some bystanders lifted the car off of Muanza and her daughter.

“Just give them a hug and say, ‘Thank you,’ ” Muanza said.

Angie has a badly burned and cut face but she is expected to recover.

“Every day when I see them they, they are everything to me,” Muanza said.

The exhaust system also badly burned Muanza’s leg. On Thursday she’s scheduled to undergo another surgery to try to treat the burns with skin grafts.


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