Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

Irene: Gary, nobody has talked about Peyton Manning having to play outside in Denver in December. After all those years in a dome, should we be a little bit worried about him if the weather turns bad?

Gary: Irene, I think you make a good point. Manning, of course, has always played a majority of his games inside, but I remember several times here in Denver, once in a big snowstorm, Manning played great. The bottom line is I don’t think snow or cold will really bother him. Would he prefer ideal conditions? Of course, I think every quarterback would, but Manning is a big boy, he can handle a little snow. Besides, isn’t it always sunny and 60 here in Denver?

Bart: Gary, if the Broncos had to play the Falcons, Texans or Patriots again right now, do you think they’d still lose all three?

Gary: Bart, let’s put it another way. I think they’d have a chance to beat all three. Houston has been winning, but struggling; their defense not as good as it was earlier this year. Atlanta has also been shaky, at least until this last Thursday when their defense overwhelmed Drew Brees. Frankly, New England is the scariest team and playing there is really frightening. Yes, I think all three teams could beat the Broncos. I also think the Broncos would have a decent shot at beating any of the three.

Eddie: Gary, I love the Broncos, but this season has been kind of boring compared to all the crazy finishes last year. I don’t miss Tebow, but I do miss some of the excitement. You with me?

Gary: Eddie, I get where you’re coming from; the game in Kansas City, not exactly a thriller. We all want the Broncos to win, but previous wins over New Orleans, Carolina, Cincinnati and San Diego were all relatively one-sided, had-them-all-the-way affairs. So we haven’t seen the comebacks Tebow produced, but if that’s the price we pay for having a Hall of Fame quarterback and a much better all-around team, I say let’s just enjoy the ride.


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